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Referendum ‘yes’ vote campaign to begin on September 15

ANC, Òmnium, ERC, PDeCAT, CUP and Súmate among organizations presenting the push to choose independence on October 1


03 August 2017 06:54 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The campaign backed by organizations and political parties in favor of a ‘yes’ vote in the October 1 referendum will begin on September 15, and will include three large public events. The campaign was presented on Thursday by the president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Jordi Sánchez, along with representatives of the Association of Municipalities of Catalonia (AMI), Òmnium Cultural, and the PDeCAT, ERC and CUP political parties, among others.

Sánchez said three large public events had been planned for the beginning, middle and end of the campaign, with one to be held in Barcelona. The campaign organizers also set the aim of handing out half a million banners bearing the word ‘Yes’ to be hung from balconies all over the country. At the same time, the '' website will go into operation, arguing in favour of independence, providing information about the events, and providing a place to sign up to the events and to make donations.

The ANC president pointed out that it is “the most important [campaign] of all of them carried out in the country” and said that the ‘yes’ vote was supported by people of all backgrounds. “The ‘yes’ vote will be stronger the more plural the people who defend ‘yes’ are,” he said. Sànchez also pointed out that the campaign embraced all independence supporters and said it was “for the people and not for parties or organizations.”


  • “It is a ‘yes’ in favor of a model of a country that is more cohesive and fairer than the one we are today condemned to live in under the Spanish State” 

    Jordi Sánchez · president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC)

Insisting that voting ‘yes’ was a vote for the future, Sànchez spoke of a new republic providing opportunities and with institutions that do not discriminate. “It is a ‘yes’ in favor of a model of a country that is more cohesive and fairer than the one we are today condemned to live in under the Spanish State,” he said.

Sánchez also made special mention of the importance of the campaign volunteers, who will have “to comb the country presenting arguments, listening and calling on people to mobilize." The work of volunteers is essential to the success of the referendum, he said, a referendum that is “the most important opportunity since 1977" and an opportunity, he insisted, that would not be missed.

The national day celebrations on September 11 will be particularly important this year, said the ANC president, as the opening act to the campaign. Sànchez also expressed his confidence that the event would be a success, as by last week some 35,000 had already signed up and more than 700 coaches were ready to transport people to the event.


  • Referendum ‘yes’ vote campaign representatives (by ACN)

  • Referendum ‘yes’ vote campaign representatives (by ACN)