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Puigdemont lawyer: to resume presidency, “only option” is to return and face prison

Should Carles Puigdemont return from Brussels to be reelected as Catalan president, Spanish justice will most likely jail him


23 December 2017 02:28 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Should Carles Puigdemont return from Belgium in order to be reelected as Catalonia’s president following a victory of pro-independence parties in Thursday’s election, his lawyer says he will most likely be arrested and sent to prison by the Spanish justice.

Parties advocating for a Catalan state held on to a majority at the Parliament, thus theoretically granting Puigdemont enough votes to form a government. However, the charges he faces for leading the push for independence—and which prompted him to leave the country in the first place—might impede him to do so.

His dilemma is two-fold: whether to stay in Brussels and let another pro-independence candidate assume the presidential position, or to come back and risk arrest.

According to Puigdemont’s defense attorney, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, the “only option” his defendant has for being reelected president is “coming back”. In an interview with RAC1 radio, Alonso-Cuevillas said that—at least in theory—Puigdemont should be able to take up the presidency while in prison; yet, the lawyer stressed that Puigdemont will depend on a State that “is willing to do everything” and there is “a very high risk” that they will find a way to impede him from assuming office.


  • Lawyer Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas visiting his defendants in prison (Roger Pi de Cabanyes)

  • Lawyer Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas visiting his defendants in prison (Roger Pi de Cabanyes)