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PSC’s Esther Niubó: “We need a very broad social compact to overcome this situation”

The spokeswoman for the Catalan socialists says that there’s no legitimacy in disobeying the law 


24 November 2017 06:25 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The spokeswoman for the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC), Esther Niubó, said in an interview with Catalan News that the Catalan political parties have to reach “a new agreement, a very broad social compact in order to overcome” the current situation. “For us it’s important to overcome the situation of division in Catalan society into two sides. For us it is not that important whether pro-independence forces are more or less than 50 per cent and the other side is 50 percent,” she stated.

The spokeswoman of the Catalan socialists noted that “all political parties should reach this new agreement” and then “it would be the time to vote” if “this new social deal” has “broad support” or not. 

According to Niubó, the December 21 elections are “an election to elect a president of the Catalan government” and warned that the new government “will in no event be legitimized to disobey and to break the law.” “The constitution and the rule of law need to be obeyed,” insisted Niubó. 


  • "For us it’s important to overcome the situation of division in Catalan society into two sides"

    Esther Niubó · Spokeswoman for the Catalan Socialist Party 

Uncomfortable with right-wing parties

Asked whether the Catalan socialists feel comfortable with right-wing parties, Niubó said that they “don’t’ feel comfortable with parties that are clearly right -wing, like the Catalan People’s Party or Ciudadanos”. In addition, she stressed that “it’s very difficult to reach any kind of agreement” with them, but opened the door to negotiating “a constitutional reform”. “We need all political parties to participate,” she said. 

Niubó acknowledged that the Catalan socialists are “closer” to Catalunya en Comú when it comes to social policies. Indeed, she said that the priorities of the Catalan government “have to change” and stated that the priority should be “to make a broad social compact to change the political priorities” in Catalonia.

“The Spanish Constitution can be reformed”

The spokeswoman for the Catalan socialists highlighted that the Spanish Constitution can be reformed. “It’s important to reform the Spanish Constitution with the participation of all of the political forces in Spain, also in Catalonia,” she pointed out.