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International media stress Catalan president’s willingness to negotiate

News outlets say that it is up to the Spanish government to take the next step


11 October 2017 01:55 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The Catalan president’s statement in Parliament took over headlines and front pages of media from all around the world. Many MPs and independence supporters followed the speech of the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, but it also prompted the interest of international news outlets. More than a thousand journalists followed the plenary session. At least 350 came from international newspapers, TVs and radios.

'The Financial Times' highlighted that "the Catalan leader" suspended "independence". 'The Guardian' and 'Libération' also stated that the Catalan government suspended the declaration of independence in order to start a negotiation. "Catalunya: Independence will wait," said the French newspaper 'Le Figaro'.

The American media was also interested in Puigdemont’s speech. 'The New York Times' headed its website with a photo of the parliament plenary and financial newspaper 'The Wall Street Journal' highlighted that "the Catalan president stops before declaring immediate independence." Italian newspapers 'La Repubblica' and 'Corriere della sera' also stressed the Catalan president’s appeal to “negotiation”. Finally, the Belgian newspaper 'De Morgen' says that "now is the Spain’s turn".


  • Foreign journalists in the Catalan parliament on October 10 (by ACN)

  • Foreign journalists in the Catalan parliament on October 10 (by ACN)