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EPP and Social Democrats accuse newly elected Catalan president of making ‘racist comments’

European political parties of PP and PSOE cast "doubts" on Quim Torra's "fitness for the job"


15 May 2018 06:52 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The European People's Party (EPP) and the Party of the European Socialists (PES) have condemned the election of Quim Torra as the new Catalan president and have accused him of making "racist comments." In a post on Twitter, the EPP, the European political party of the Spanish People's Party, Angela Merkel’s CDU and Hungary's Fidesz said: "EPP condemns the racist comments of the new Catalan president. There is no room for hateful rhetoric in the EU."

The EPP also said it will "continue supporting the Spanish government to guarantee the rule of law and respect for the Constitution in Catalonia."

Yesterday, the Party of the European Socialists, which includes the Spanish PSOE party, said they were "sad about the election of Torra." "His racist remarks are utterly disgusting and cast deep doubts about his fitness for the job," they tweeted.

The main unionist party in Catalonia, Ciutadans (Cs), has sent to contacts in Europe an English and French translation of old tweets and articles by Torra. "It is obvious that Spain needs a psychiatrist. It is obvious and urgent, because even I shudder at the level reached by the tortured Spanish brain," Torra is quoted as saying.

The new Catalan president has been accused by opposition parties of "insulting" Spaniards in old tweets and articles, and he has apologized on three occasions when asked about this issue, promising to never never again use "inappropriate words". "I regret it, it won't happen again," he said.


  • Quim Torra with JxCat spokeswoman Elsa Artadi and ERC's spokesman Sergi Sabrià (by ACN)

  • Quim Torra with JxCat spokeswoman Elsa Artadi and ERC's spokesman Sergi Sabrià (by ACN)