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Catalan Parliament declares independence

Resolution declaring independent Catalan republic passed with 70 votes in favor, 10 against and 2 abstentions


27 October 2017 03:34 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Catalan Parliament has declared independence. In an historic plenary session after weeks of tensions with the Spanish government, and before the Senate votes on the suspension of self-rule, Catalan MPs passed a resolution that makes effective the electoral mandate of the October 1 referendum. "We hereby constitute the Catalan Republic as an independent, sovereign, legal, democratic, socially-conscious state", reads the declaration. Independence has been declared at 3.25pm with 70 votes in favor, 10 against and 2 abstentions.

The text includes not only the declaration, but also some measures for the Catalan government to enforce in order to make the new state effective immediately. For instance, “establishing the regulations that define the procedure to acquire Catalan nationality” and “presenting the necessary decrees for issuing Catalan nationality”. The motion also asks the government to agree on a dual nationality treaty with Spain and to seek the recognition of the Catalan Republic from “all countries and institutions.” 


  • "A time is coming when it will be up to all of us to keep the country on course"

    Carles Puigdemont · Catalan president

Right after the declaration, the pro-independence MPs, mayors and guests gathered outside the hemicycle to celebrate the independence. One well-known MP, Lluís Llach, even hang a flag of the United Nations in a Parliament banister. Some officials made short informal speeches after the declaration, such as Catalan president Carles Puigdemont. “A time is coming when it will be up to all of us to keep the country on course,” he said. The Catalan leader urged citizens to defend the new country with "peace, civility and dignity".


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  • Catalan Parliament after voting on independence declaration (by Pere Francesch)
  • Catalan Parliament president Carme Forcadell (by ACN)