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Carme Forcadell to decide whether to continue as Parliament president

The Spanish Supreme court accuses her of rebellion, sedition, and misuse of funds for allowing the vote on Catalan independence


03 January 2018 01:41 PM


ACN | Barcelona

It’s unsure whether Carme Forcadell will once again take up her role as president of the Catalan parliament. The decision is hers to take, but she has not yet come to a definitive conclusion, according to sources close to the official. 

Also acting as number four on the candidacy for pro-independence Esquerra Republicana, the politician is accused of rebellion, sedition, and misuse of funds for having allowed the vote on Catalan independence to take place in Parliament on October 27. She in fact also spent a night in prison at the Alcalá Meco detention center on November 10, out on bond only after having paid bail of €150,000.

Now the dust has started to settle after the December 21 elections, discussions are being had on what the new legislative will bring. With results that see politicians both in exile in Belgium and in prison in Madrid, some unusual propositions—including an investiture via teleconference for Carles Puigdemont from Brussels, since Catalan parliament does not specify the need for in-person participation—are on the table.  

Indeed, among the issues discussed in the continuing negotiations on the new government is choosing the presidency and bureau members of the Catalan parliament. The deadline is January 17, the day fixed by the Spanish government. Today marks exactly two weeks until the date set.


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  • President of Parliament and number 4 on the ERC ticket Carme Forcadell on June 19 2016 (by Aleix Moldes)