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Articles tagged with: Self-Determination

06 December 2018 10:10 AM

The Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, presenting the constitution's 40th anniversary events (by Congreso)

In Catalonia, it’s a not-so-happy anniversary for the Spanish constitution

12 September 2018 01:26 PM

The Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, in the Spanish Congress on September 12, 2018 (by Spanish Congress)

Motion for dialogue agreed by Spain's Socialists and pro-independence PDeCAT

03 September 2018 10:46 AM

The Catalan president, Quim Torra, on September 2, 2018, in Terrassa (by Guillem Roset)

Catalan president calls for 'a march' for self-determination and civil rights

26 July 2018 01:50 PM

Catalan president Quim Torra (left) and his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sánchez (by Rafa Garrido)

Catalan-Spanish bilateral commission to meet for first time in 7 years

03 June 2018 11:51 PM

The Catalan president, Quim Torra, being interviewed in the Catalan public TV on June 3, 2018 (by Ruben Moreno)

President Torra to ask Spanish counterpart about ‘self-determination’

25 September 2017 01:11 PM

EC president Jean-Claude Juncker (by Laura Pous ACN)

UN independent expert on the promotion of democracy urges Juncker to mediate for Catalonia

19 September 2017 07:44 PM

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (by the European Parliament)

Trudeau: “The people’s right to self-determination is important.”

31 August 2017 07:44 PM

Audience at the academic conference at the Swedish think Tank Arena Idé (by Helle Kettner)

Catalonia takes the October 1 referendum to Stockholm

13 July 2017 06:28 PM

The audience in the seminar at Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona

International professors criticize Spain’s attitude towards Catalan self-determination

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