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Articles tagged with: Brexit

23 July 2019 08:34 PM

Catalonia's foreign minister Alfred Bosch speaks with ACN at the Catalan Parliament. (Photo: Guifré Jordan)

No-deal Brexit ‘not a good idea’ says foreign minister

30 June 2019 11:56 AM

Spokesperson for Vox and Spanish MP Ignacio Garriga during an interview with the Catalan News Agency. (Photo: Gerard Artigas)

Far-right Vox says Boris Johnson ‘would do a good job’ as British prime minister

19 June 2019 08:34 PM

Octavi Bono, head of Catalan Tourism Agency, speaks of UK tourism figures to Catalonia on June 19 (Gemma Sánchez/ACN)

Bookings to Catalonia from UK tour operators down 14% in 2019

11 May 2019 12:20 PM

Minister for foreign affairs Alfresh Basch on a visit to Westminster for St. George's Day celebrations (Photo: Aina Martí)

How will Brexit affect Catalonia?

29 March 2019 05:42 PM

Venair is one of the Catalan companies preparing for Brexit

Catalan firms 'calm' in face of Brexit 'uncertainty'

25 March 2019 05:33 PM

The 'Brexit plan' meeting to help minimize the effects of Brexit on Catalan companies (Photo: Mariona Puig)

Government unveils 'Brexit plan' to help Catalan companies

25 January 2019 01:40 PM

Catalonia's foreign action minister Alfred Bosch (by ACN)

Catalan minister calms Brexit fears: “Everybody will continue working without problems”

12 December 2018 08:06 PM

The Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, during his speech in Congress on December 12, 2018 (by Bernat Vilaró)

Spanish president vows 'forceful' response if Catalonia breaks law

23 November 2018 09:46 PM

Catalan president Quim Torra (right) and vice president pere Aragonès (left) on November 7 2018 (by Marta Sierra)

Catalan government 'concerned' over Spain's stance on Brexit

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