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Healthy living at this year’s BioCultura fair in Barcelona

24th edition of event closes with 74,000 attendees, 4,000 more than last year


06 May 2018 11:07 AM


ACN | Barcelona

They say the body is a temple, and what better way to treat it as such than by eating healthily. Over the years, popularity in organic and ecological food has grown significantly. This is evident in the increase in attendees at this year’s BioCultura fair held in Barcelona, which closed on Sunday with 74,000 visitors, 4,000 more than last year.

Organic foods are the main protagonists at the annual event, but there is also so much more. Anybody trying to improve the way they live, or learn new tricks to a healthy lifestyle could find anything from hygiene and cosmetic products, as well as ideas for furniture and decoration, ways of recycling and much more. Everything on display at Biocultura has to be certified by the events product control committee.

"Committed to changing social paradigms"

They  work “throughout the year meticulously and rigorously” to make sure products meet their standards, according to BioCultura’s website. “Food can only be biological,” and meet EU regulations, for example.

The 24th edition of the event took place at the Catalan capital’s Palau Sant Jordi. According to the organization behind it, Vida Sana Association (Healthy Life Association in English,) it has been a “success” as it has been allowed the capacity to expand.

Showcooking displays, meetings, concerts, presentations and workshops have attracted a young audience “committed to changing social paradigms.”

Changing times

In these ever changing times, it is not just our own health that matters, but also that of the planet. Pollution is rife the world-over. Plastics end up anywhere, from the middle of the ocean, to your table salt. The BioCultura fair is also committed to seeking solutions for this global challenge. 

"The use of renewable energy sources is essential to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and combating climate change," it explains. For this reason it promotes various projects, such as 'Living Air', the main objective of which is to install a community owned wind turbine to generate "clean, green electricity."




  • Various stands at the BioCultura fair 2018 (by ACN)

  • Various stands at the BioCultura fair 2018 (by ACN)