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Catalan wineries turnover 1.6 billion euros

As popularity grows around the world, wine producers seek to increase their market share abroad


08 January 2018 02:38 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Like many other countries in the Mediterranean, wine plays a large part in Catalan culture. Wine is a staple on many families’ lunch table, especially through the holiday season. Although not to every one's liking, a lot of people enjoy a drink responsibly with their meals.

But Catalan wine and cava, heavily consumed throughout the Christmas period, is not just confined to the dining rooms in Catalonia. Popularity is growing abroad. In fact, Catalonia has more exporting wineries than anywhere else in Spain. There are 10,000 winegrowers and 853 wine companies operating in the country, generating a combined turnover of 1.6 billion euros. Over the last four years, a total of 270 Catalan wine companies exported their product abroad at some point.

Who are the biggest importers of Catalan wine?

Wine produced in Catalonia is popular throughout Europe and further afield, and wine producers are always looking for new ways to ply their trade outside the country. The biggest importers are Germany, the US, Belgium, the UK, Japan, France, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden. The US and Germany are actually the two main wine importers in the world, with consumption in both countries constantly on the rise, which is good news for Catalan wine merchants seeking to get a better foothold in these markets.

How is Catalan wine promoted abroad?

Some of the strategies used to improve positioning in the global market include organizing seminars and workshops on wine culture. Catalan wine sellers are constantly liasing with contacts abroad in order to reach commercial agreements between wineries, importers, distributors and restaurants. Particular focus is put on the German and US markets. 

Each year, to increase market share in both these countries, the Catalan Wines Programme is organized by Catalonia Trade and Investment. The aim? To facilitate entry into both these growing markets. The programme targets and educates German and American buyers, importers, distributors, sommeliers, and restaurateurs, on Catalan wine and cava, thus increasing brand awareness in each country.

Wine in the USA

In order to promote Catalan wines across the pond, Catalan Wines USA was set up in 2010. Since then, it has organized 20 wine tasting events in different US cities, with 42 wineries participating, representing some of the best wines that the country has to offer. The initiative has proven to be a success story for the industry, with 73% of the wine producers that take part closing trade deals in the United States.

Grape deals in Germany

As Germany is the world’s leading consumer of sparkling wine, it is only natural for Catalan cava producers to want their piece of the action. Weine aus Katalonien has been operating in Germany since 2014 to achieve just this. It organizes tasting events, and has set up a digital marketing campaign to promote Catalan products to German consumers. Still in its early days, Weine aus Katalonien has already held events in cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, promoting more than 60 different wines from 15 different wineries in Catalonia.



  • A Belat vineyard in the Penedès wine region (by S. Sabaté)

  • A Belat vineyard in the Penedès wine region (by S. Sabaté)