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Catalan government not ready for republic says ERC

Republican party admits executive was not prepared to implement independence due to State’s willingness to use violence



13 November 2017 07:27 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The ERC republican party has admitted that the Catalan government and the country were perhaps not ready to implement independence and develop a republic. The admittal from ERC spokesman Sergi Sabrià came on Monday, following statements over the weekend by dismissed education minister, Clara Ponsatí, in which she claimed the Catalan government was not “sufficiently prepared” to implement the results of the October 1 referendum.

Yet, the ERC spokesman added that the reason why the government was not ready to fully implement independence was due to the political context brought about by the Spanish authorities. “We were not ready to face an authoritarian State with no limits when it came to using violence. Perhaps we were not prepared enough, but even if we had been, we would never have overcome this situation, putting the public in danger,” said Sabrià.

According to Sabrià, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and the executive took the decision to react as it did following the referendum “given the clear proof that there could be violence.” There were widespread incidents of violence by Spanish police attempting to stop the voting on October 1. “It was decided not to pass this red line,” said Sabriá, who added: “Under different conditions we would have been prepared.”


  • “We were not ready to face an authoritarian State with no limits when it came to using violence"

    Sergi Sabrià · ERC spokesman

The ERC party is now putting all of its efforts into the Catalan election on December 21, although the spokesman insisted that “we will never give up on the objectives of independence and the Catalan republic.” “For us,” said Sabriá, “December 21 is a chance to fill the ballot boxes with votes and show a clear majority in favor of this republic, this is our main priority,” he said.

Place reserved for Forcadell

The spokesman also confirmed that Catalan Parliament President Carme Forcadell has a place reserved on the party’s candidacy list for the election, “if she wants it”, behind leader Oriol Junqueras, Marta Rovira and Raül Romeva. Forcadell is currently under investigation by Spain’s Supreme Court for allowing a vote on independence in the Parliament. Forcadell spent a night in prison last week before being released on bail after paying 150,000 euros.


  • ERC

  • ERC's spokesman, Sergi Sabrià, together with ERC MEP, Jordi Solé, addressing the press this Monday (by ACN)