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Attorney for Oriol Junqueras to request relocation to Catalan prison

Andreu van den Eynde argues for his client to be able to attend Parliament plenaries or even potentially be invested as Catalan president


03 January 2018 06:05 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The lawyer for Oriol Junqueras, Andreu van den Eynde, has announced that, in the eventuality that for tomorrow’s summons, the Supreme Court decide to uphold the initial decision of keeping the dismissed Catalan vice president in pre-trial holding, he will request a relocation to a detention center in Catalonia.

Currently, Oriol Junqueras is being incarcerated in a prison in the Madrid region. The potential relocation, van den Eynde stated, is so the imprisoned official be able leave the prison to be able to participate in parliament plenary sessions for the new government. 

  • "There are thousands of less severe measures than pre-trial prison"

    Andreu van den Eynde · attorney of Oriol Junqueras 

The deposed Catalan minister’s situation is, in fact, being revisited tomorrow by the Supreme Court at the request of van den Eynde. The attorney believes that Junqueras should be able to be released from the Estremera prison in which he’s been held since November 2, 2017, as he must be able to exercise his political duties, which the lawyer noted is “a right,” as an elected MP.

Indeed, though behind bars for the duration of the campaign, Junqueras ran as number one for the pro-independence Esquerra Republicana ticket, which came away from the December 21 elections with 32 seats in the hemicycle.

“This is an argument with enormous weight in revisiting this precautionary measure, there are thousands of less severe measures than pre-trial prison,” van den Eynde explained in an interview with the Catalunya Ràdio station.

The attorney also noted that there are legal precedents that indicate Junqueras could even leave the prison to be invested as president, although afterwards, he would once again return to custody.


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  • To the left and with a hooded black coat, Oriol Junqueras' lawyer Andreu van den Eynde walks and talks on his way to the Supreme Court on December 1 2017 (by Tània Tàpia)