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'What Catalans Want’ – the book to better understand Catalonia

Toni Strubell brings together 35 interviews with some of the best known Catalan politicians –including two former presidents-, academics, sportsmen and authors of the country to explain Catalonia “to the world”. The book has been edited by Liz Castro and includes pictures by Lluís Brunet


27 July 2011 06:00 PM



Barcelona (ACN).- \u2018What Catalans want\u2019. Is the new book by Catalan MP Toni Strubell which tries to answer, through 35 interviews with renowned well known Catalan figures, what Catalonia is all about. The book aims to explain Catalonia \u201Cto the world\u201D, and therefore the original version has been published in English to reach a wider audience. Edited by Liz Castro and with pictures by Lluís Brunet, \u2018What Catalans want' includes interviews with two former Catalan Presidents, Jordi Pujol, from the centre-right Catalan national party Convergència i Unió (CiU), and José Montilla, from the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC).

The English book explains from different points of view what Catalan society is looking for, and what makes it different from the rest of Spain. Football player Oleguer Presas, local politician Jordi Portabella, writer Matthew Tree and journalist Vicent Sanchís are only some of the interviewees that aim to explain the \u2018Catalan case\u2019 to foreign readers. The book, according to his author, Toni Strubell, shows a \u201Cplurality\u201D of opinions that help to better understand \u201Cwhat is happening in our country" looking at issues as diverse as "why bullfighting is banned or why the situation of the Catalan language is critical\u201D. \u2018What Catalans want\u2019 includes several chapters divided by topics such as the economy, history, media and the foreign perception of Catalonia. The book presents arguments to explain why Catalonia wants independence, says Strubell, although she rejects the notion that the book openly advocates for separation from Spain. Editor Liz Castro argues that books such as that one are useful because most foreign correspondents in Spain work from Madrid and do not receive enough information to \u201Cfully understand\u201D the Catalan situation.


  • Photograher Lluís Bonet with Editor Liz Castro and the book's author, Toni Strubell (by ACN)

  • Photograher Lluís Bonet with Editor Liz Castro and the book's author, Toni Strubell (by ACN)