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Puigdemont, the most sold ‘caganer’ figurine this year

The figure of Catalan president is not only the most sought after in Catalonia, but also in Spain



30 November 2017 03:44 PM


ACN | Torroella de Montgrí

Every Christmas, people across Catalonia meticulously prepare  their nativity scenes. But Catalan nativity scenes have one element that’s unique to the culture: the 'caganer'. The figure of a peasant wearing a traditional Catalan red barretina cap, white clothes, with trousers pulled down and defecating is in all Catalan nativity scenes.

The caganer isn’t always the figure of a peasant, however, but also celebrities, fictional characters, and even political figures. This year has been no different, and some figures from the Catalan independence movement and political scene have their own caganer made in their likeness. Among the political personalities include Carles Puigdemont, who, in fact, has become the caganer of the moment.

Puigdemont’s figurine, the most sold in Spain

The figure of the Catalan president, deposed after the enforcement of Article 155, has become the most sold not only in Catalonia, but also in Spain. According to the manager of the main caganer-manufacturing company,, last year the most popular figure was that of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, but Puigdemont takes the crown.

  • "It was crazy because I had orders before it came to me"

    Fernando Jiménez

Puigdemont isn’t only the most sought after figurine in Catalonia. The manager of the company, Sergi Alós, explained that the figure of the Catalan president was also the most sold in a shop in Madrid. With more than 70 years of history, this shop has already sold 35 caganer figures of Puigdemont, and plans to order more.

Political leaders on top sales

"It was crazy because I had orders before it came to me and the most surprising thing is that people don’t buy it for mocking, but because they want to have it in their collection," stressed the head of the shop, Fernando Jiménez.

The top ten of sales are also figures close to the president, such as the former head of the Catalan police, politicians Anna Gabriel and Gabriel Rufián, and the jailed Catalan social leaders Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart. 


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  • Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, Gabriel Rufián, Anna Gabriel, Carles Puigdemont and Oriol Junqueras as 'caganer' Christmas figurines on November 6 2017 (by ACN)