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Peret's posthomous album released

'From respect / To Respect' is the new and last record by the most iconic figure of 'rumba catalana'


14 November 2017 06:27 PM


ACN | Barcelona

If there ever was a music genre particular to Catalonia, it could be the rumba catalana. Now, a new album has been released to pay homage to deceased musician Peret, one of the pillars of the musical style. The CD was produced through record label Satélite K by Peret’s own grandson, Daniel Salvat Pubill.

The name of the album is ‘From respect / To Respect,’ a reference to Peret’s commitment to “being able to speak of anything, with respect,” said Salvat Pubill. The CD contains unreleased classics recorded by the iconic rumbero Peret in the last few months of his life at his home, in the Catalan town of Mataró. According to his grandson, the collection encapsulates the very essence of Peret’s music, as well as his “energy” and “happiness.”

This collection, Salvat Pubill explained, is a gift to Peret’s fans by the artist himself. Indeed, he recalled how the “love” and “admiration” that his grandfather felt from his fans pushed him to use “his last efforts” to give this music to his audience “as a gift.” 

  • “When I was in doubt, I used things that Peret had done years back as inspiration”

    Daniel Salvat Pubill · Musician and Peret's grandson

Salvat Pubill noted that this album was additionally to pay homage to “Peret’s rumba.” In fact, there are many kinds within the genre itself. As Peret’s grandson noted, “I think that to understand rumba catalana, it’s essentially to be able to tell the styles apart,” affirmed Salvat Pubill. As a musician himself, part of the band El Lunar de Maria, he added that, indeed, his group “does rumba because we base ourselves on what he did.” “When I was in doubt,” he recalls, “I used things that Peret had done years back as inspiration.”

Salvat Pubill explained that it’s an “austere” album, “without a large orchestra.” “What it’s not missing,” the musician and producer explained, “is Peret’s soul, through guitars and with palmes.”

Palmes and ventilador

Woven into Catalan history, rooted in Romani tradition and with a beat that comes all the way from the Americas, the rumba catalana is one of the cultural riches of Catalonia. Known for its beat, singing, and rhythm – performed, traditionally, by hand clapping (palmes) and on the bongo drums, one of its singularities is also the ventilador, or ‘fan,’ a unique and rhythmic guitar strumming that also punctuated the late artist’s work. 


  • Peret's newly released album (front) and the musician's grandson (by Elisenda Rosanas)

  • Peret's newly released album (front) and the musician's grandson (by Elisenda Rosanas)