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'No Surrender' festival to hold a second edition

The event is dedicated to Bruce Springsteen covers, one interpreted by over 1k musicians


08 May 2018 04:29 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The Boss, sung by over 1000 musicians. This is what last year’s No Surrender festival, named after the Bruce Springsteen song by the same name, managed to achieve. And after 2017’s success, there’s good news for Springsteen fans: it’s going to happen again this year.

The second edition of the festival will be held in Vilanova de Bellpuig, in western Catalonia near Lleida. This time, though, the ‘piece de resistance’ will be a different Springsteen hit: Badlands, to be interpreted by guitar, bass, drums, voice, keys, and a new instrument – the sax.

This year will have a children’s space called ‘No Surrender Kids’ for those under 15, to be held on June 10. It’s been put on to give extra practice and fun time to younger musicians, so they can feel more confident once the festival – and the performance – rolls around. So far, over half a hundred are set to take part.  

No Surrender 2018 will include international participants from countries like Switzerland, the U.K., Germany, France, and Italy. Currently, over 400 people signed up to play, but organizers hope to match, if not surpass, last year’s musician attendance of 1,004.

While dedicated to an international artist, the two day festival is also a chance to immerse oneself in Catalan culture – especially the food. Providers for the event are exclusively from the area, and there’s a strong emphasis on ecological products.

While the highlight of the festival is the group song, headliners also include the most well-known Springsteen cover band in Europe, called ‘The Blood Brothers.’ But they’re also hoping for another special guest, and have rented a country house just in case he decides to show up. This is, of course, the boss himself.

If you’ve ever wanted to belt out your favorite Bruce Springsteen song, with a group of talented musician – and who knows


  • The 2017 No Surrender festival on July 8 2017 (by Laura Cortés)

  • The 2017 No Surrender festival on July 8 2017 (by Laura Cortés)