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7-Jun-18 TV News: 'Opposition refuses dialogue over yellow ribbon'

07 June 2018 08:17 PM


ACN | Barcelona


The Catalan president asked the leader of the opposition to meet him tomorrow in the government headquarters. But she refused because there is a yellow ribbon in solidarity with jailed and exiled politicians hanging from the building’s balcony. 

Although Catalonia and Spain have new presidents and new ministers, they still face the same challenges as before. Will Quim Torra and Pedro Sánchez succeed in solving the crisis between Catalonia and Spain? Will the new government in Madrid adopt a more conciliatory stance with the situation of Catalan leaders in jail and abroad, for instance allowing them to be transferred to prisons near their families – as they have requested? So far, both leaders seem keen to meet, while the main opposition party in Catalonia, unionist Ciutadans, is refusing to engage in conversations with, quote, "a separatist government." In this show, we take a look at the latest in the political sphere, learn about some positive business news involving Siemens, and also receive a pleasant wildlife surprise all the way from the otherside of the Iberian peninsular, an endangered species of a particular wild cat. 

  • 7-Jun-18 TV News: 'Opposition refuses dialogue over yellow ribbon'