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13-Apr-18 TV News: 'Parliament taking Spanish judge to court'

13 April 2018 07:08 PM


ACN | Barcelona


Carles Puigdemont, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull… they’re all presidential candidates put forward by pro-independence parties. And they’ve all come up against the Spanish judiciary. In Sànchez’s case, twice. Today, the jailed activist was expected to be sworn-in as president. But the Supreme Court blocked his appointment. Pro-independence parties decided to launch a lawsuit against the judge. And they’re doing it from the Parliament. This, despite the concerns of unionist groups, the chamber lawyers, and the Spanish government. We also bring you news on Marta Rovira, a pro-independence party leader who broke her silence today from Switzerland, where she is seeking refuge. In order to understand the EU extradition mechanism and its flaws, we’ll also speak with an expert on the matter.

  • 13-Apr-18 TV News: 'Parliament taking Spanish judge to court'