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Hopes high for shops as winter sales begin

Merchants expect up to 5% increase in business this January


07 January 2018 02:36 PM


ACN | Barcelona

As the holiday season comes to a close, the January sales are just getting underway, and people are already flocking to the high streets in search of bargains. This year for businesses the outlook is optimistic. According to the president of Retailcat, businesses expect an increase in sales of between 4% and 5% this January. Retailcat is a self-defined commerce lobbyist whose mission is to promote “the interests of Catalan retail.”

The forecast is “pretty good” explained Joan Carles Calbet, the president of the organization. After a “fluid and negative October,” November saw a boost in commerce helped along by the Black Friday campaign, while December “also went well.” He stated that January “must follow the trend,” but also pointed out that a “consensus” should be agreed in the sector so that the sales start at the same time in all businesses in order to avoid “confusion.”

The main benificiaries will be textile and fashion businesses, as is the norm. “The cold also helps,” Calbet said, “and the fact that the sales begin today is another beneficial factor for these sectors.”

Forgetful wise men

The first official day of the sales began on Sunday morning. In Barcelona the atmosphere was bustling as crowds hit the shops regardless of the rain, as people sought out what the three kings might have forgotten at a discount price. Some shoppers confessed to ACN that they were using money the kings had given them as they endeavoured to satisfy their consumerist needs, getting a better price for clothes and footwear. Others admitted that they would change their Christmas presents to make the money go further. One pair of socks suddenly becomes two.



  • A shopper in search of bargain shoes (by ACN)

  • A shopper in search of bargain shoes (by ACN)