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Head of German-speaking businessmen calls for 'a strong Catalonia'

Albert Peters says criticism of parliament speaker reflects concern among foreign investors over lack of stability 


07 March 2018 07:36 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The head of the Barcelona-based Circle of German-Speaking Businessmen in Catalonia, Albert Peters, has responded to criticism aimed at the Catalan parliament speaker, Roger Torrent, at a business lunch in Barcelona on Tuesday. In an interview with Catalan News, Peters said he did “not accept” the “manner” in which Torrent was addressed, but he supported the concerns expressed by some people at the meeting. “We have to respect if a person has an opportunity to express his worries about what is happening here in Catalonia,” he said.

During the lunch of German-speaking businessmen held in Barcelona’s Círculo Ecuestre on Tuesday, the parliament speaker was subject to shouted criticism from certain members of the audience, including one man expressing his wish that all the pro-independence leaders “should go to prison.” Meanwhile, another audience member called on Torrent to remove the yellow ribbon he was wearing in support of jailed independence leaders."It is offensive to a lot of us," he said.

In the interview, Peters identified a lack of stability as the cause for the concerns expressed by some German-speaking members. “When you invest money in a foreign country you need a stable situation because you want to see a return on your investment,” he said. Calling for Catalonia’s former stability to be restored, Peters said the most important thing was to see “a strong Catalonia once again,” and that “decisions taken in a legal way between Catalonia and Madrid is a good for the whole economic situation here in Catalonia.” 

Need for dialogue

In fact, the head of the Circle of German-Speaking Businessmen stressed the need for dialogue between all parties in solving the conflict. “People have to sit and talk and find a solution, and I am referring to the legal situation, as well as the political situation and the social situation, so with these three parts a solution can be found to restore peaceful relations here in Catalonia among all seven and a half million Catalans,” he said.