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Catalan gluten-free bakery chain to open franchises abroad

0% Gluten has investment proposals from countries such as Israel, Mexico and Chile



12 March 2018 12:40 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The selection of ingredients and respect for traditional baking times are two fundamental factors to making good bread. That's according to the manager of the 0% Gluten bakery chain, Francesc Altarriba. Over the next four years, the company is planning to grow, and to make a qualitative leap forward. According to Altarriba, the firm has received investment proposals from countries such as Israel, Mexico and Chile.

Every bakery in Altarriba's chain produces its own freshly baked products for people with celiac disease. According to the manager, that is one of the secrets of their bread. "Making gluten-free bread in a central factory and distributing it throughout the country would have made us a market operator," he said, but he points out that the quality of a product that travels "never improves, but rather diminishes."

Although there are around 75,000 sufferers of celiac disease in Catalonia, the idea is not only to make gluten-free products, as the firm wants the companions of gluten intolerant people to also shop in their bakeries. "We like to say that we have an inclusive bakery," said Altarriba in an interview with the Catalan News Agency (ACN).

  • "Celiac disease is rare, but it is a social need"

    Francesc Altarriba · 0% Gluten manager

The bakery chain has opened franchises in different Catalan towns, including Granollers, Olesa de Montserrat and Sant Cugat del Vallès, and there is even a 0% Gluten bakery in Madrid. The first bakery opened in the northern town of Vic. They now use the Vic bakery to carry out training courses for the franchises. This year, the manager of the bakery chain expects to reach a turnover of one million euros.  

Business to expand in next few years  

Altarriba aims to expand the business in the next few years, starting with new franchises due to open this year. Yet, the qualitative leap forward will come over the next four years. "We have many requests, and we are currently in the selection phase," stated Altarriba.

The initial idea was to expand the business model within Catalonia and Spain. However, the 0% Gluten manager does not rule out the possibility of opening franchises abroad, since "the business model has been welcomed" and they already have different proposals on the table. "Celiac disease is rare, but it is a social need," noted the 0% Gluten manager.


  • 0% Gluten bakery chain (by Laura Busquets)

  • 0% Gluten bakery chain (by Laura Busquets)